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Expert cosmetic dentistry in Monroeville, PA & Waynesburg, PA

For outstanding cosmetic dentistry services in Monroeville, PA or Waynesburg, PA, you can count on our team to take great care of you and your smile. Great dental health begins at an early age, so if you have children, bring them to see us. If you're older, and haven't had professional assistance with your teeth in quite some time, we're here to take care of you and your smile to give you the confidence you deserve!

Professional consultations

When you come to our dental office, our team will not only carefully assess your dental needs, but we'll put you at ease! . Our assessments will be honest, trustworthy, and accurate where your needs are concerned. We'll never suggest procedures that are unnecessary. We'll provide you with a dental care plan that will be effective, affordable, and provide you with the best results to achieve the look you want.

The right treatment for you

After your initial consultation, we'll discuss your treatment options with you. Our approach to cosmetic dentistry procedures always involves your input, your comfort level, and your goals. We'll never subject you to anything you're uncomfortable with! In fact, we have many treatment options available that will give you the smile you deserve in a virtually pain-free manner. Visit us and discover the Romeo R. Bella DMD - Bella Family Dentistry difference!

Excellent results

If there's one thing we hear over and over, it's that our patients are glad they trusted us to provide them with the best in dental health services. Our results speak louder than our words. Our patients routinely report that they're more confident in themselves after putting themselves into our care. If you have decided you want a better smile, then you owe it to yourself to come and see us today.
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Whiter smiles

Although oral hygiene is key to great dental health, teeth whitening is becoming a normal cosmetic dental procedure. All the Hollywood stars have exceptionally bright teeth. And that's no accident! They trust their teeth to dentists who practice the very same procedures we use here every day. If you want the whitest smile possible, just like you see on your favorite Hollywood stars (and at a fraction of the cost), come see us today!

Confident smiles

Confident smiles win the day. And when you trust us with your cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening services, you can be sure that your smile will be one that gets attention. We take pride in our work. From general consultations, cosmetic dentistry and general cleanings, to providing fillings and even root canals, our goal is to let you have confidence in your smile. Call us today!

Healthier smiles

Although one of the goals of cosmetic dentistry is making you look great, it is also our goal to give you a healthy smile too. Procedures like dental implants, crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, and composite white fillings, will all improve the look of your smile, while at the same time improving your overall health.

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